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Molecular formula is C6H10O4, molecular weight is 84.156. It is mainly used as raw material for nylon 6 and nylon 66. Moreover, it can also be used as pesticide and pharmaceutical intermediate.
Packing: it is packed by dry and clean tank car, galvanized tinplate drum or iron drum, net weight 125Kg.
Safety, storage and transportation: Cyclohexane is inflammable liquid with low flash point. Keep in cool, dry and well-ventilated warehouse under 30℃. To protect from fire and heat sources. Separate from oxidants.


Quality index

Qualified product
Appearance   Colorless and transparent
Content %wt ≥99.50
Color HAZEN ≤35
Boiling range 80-82
Crystallization point ≥5.3
Benzene content mg/Kg ≤500
Methyl cycloalkane mg/Kg ≤700
Cyclohexene mg/Kg ≤500
Residue on evaporation % ≤0.002
Water content %wt <0.02


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